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Federal Register Notice: Great Lakes Pilotage Rates 2014 Annual Review and Adjustment

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Federal Register Notice: Great Lakes Pilotage Rates 2014 Annual Review and Adjustment

The Coast Guard is adjusting Great Lakes pilotage rates that were last amended in February 2013. The adjustments establish new base rates, and are made in accordance with a full ratemaking procedure. The Coast Guard is exercising its discretion to establish new base rates to more closely align with recent Canadian rate increases. The final rule also adjusts weighting factors used to determine rates for vessels of different size, adopts a new procedure for temporary surcharges, applies a temporary surcharge for one pilotage association, and allows pilotage associations to recoup the cost of dues paid to the American Pilots Association. This rulemaking promotes the Coast Guard’s maritime safety mission.

The vessels affected by this rulemaking are those engaged in foreign trade upon the U.S. waters of the Great Lakes.

Effective August 1, 2014 except for CFR Title 46 Parts 401.400 and 401.401 which are effective April 3, 2014.

Comments and material received from the public and additional documents can be found on the docket USCG-2013-0534.

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