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Federal Register Notices for 4/7/2014

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As a courtesy to our audience, Maritime Commons will provide a daily compilation of nationally-relevant Federal Register Notices. To provide comments for the public record, follow the Federal Register link for each individual notice. Please note, the Coast Guard cannot respond to comments on these notices outside of the Federal Register.

Federal Register Notice: Interim Guidance for Nontank Vessel Response Plans

The Coast Guard announced its cancellation of Navigation and Inspection Circular, NVIC, No. 01-05, CH-1, “Interim Guidance for the Development and Review of Response Plans for Nontank Vessels.” The previous NVIC, No. 01-05, CH-1 guidance is being replaced by the “Nontank Vessel Response Plans and Other Response Plan Requirements ” final rule promulgated on September 30, 2013.

The cancellation of NVIC No. 01-05, CH-1 is effective January 31, 2014.

Federal Register Notice: Lower Mississippi River Waterway Safety Advisory Committee; Meeting

The Coast Guard issued a notice announcing that the Lower Mississippi River Waterway Safety Advisory Committee will meet on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 in New Orleans to discuss topics relating to navigational safety on the Lower Mississippi River. This meeting will be open to the public.

To facilitate public participation, the Coast Guard is inviting public comment on the issues to be considered by the committee as listed in the “Meeting Agenda” section in the Federal Register notice . Written comments must be submitted on or before April 16, 2014.

Federal Register Notice: Information Collection Request to Office of Management and Budget

The Coast Guard issued a notice, and is requesting comments from owners and operators of vessels, on an information collection request for the approval of a revision to the Plan Approval and Records for U.S. and Foreign Tank Vessels Carrying Oil in Bulk.

This information collection aids the Coast Guard in determining if a vessel complies with certain safety and environmental protection standards. Plans, to include records, for construction or modification of U.S. or foreign vessels submitted and maintained on board are required for compliance with these standards.

In particular, the Coast Guard would appreciate comments addressing:
(1) The practical utility of the Collections;
(2) The accuracy of the estimated burden of the Collections;
(3) Ways to enhance the quality, utility, and clarity of information subject to the Collections; and
(4) Ways to minimize the burden of the Collections on respondents, including the use of automated collection techniques or other forms of information technology.

Comments must reach the Coast Guard on or before June 6, 2014.

This blog is not a replacement or substitute for the formal posting of regulations and updates or existing processes for receiving formal feedback of the same. Links provided on this blog will direct the reader to official source documents, such as the Federal Register, Homeport and the Code of Federal Regulations. These documents remain the official source for regulatory information published by the Coast Guard.

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