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6/2/2014: Rear Admiral Richard E. Bennis Award winners

On Friday, the Coast Guard awarded the Rear Admiral Richard E. Bennis Award , a bi-annual award that serves to recognize organizations that demonstrate outstanding achievements and contributions related to implementation of the Maritime Transportation Security Act and other maritime security best practices in safeguarding our nation’s maritime transportation system.

Coast Guard photo of Rear Adm. Richard E. Bennis

Coast Guard photo of Rear Adm. Richard E. Bennis

The Rear Admiral Richard E. Bennis award honors an outstanding Coast Guard leader who embodied our Core Values and demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the security of the United States and the marine transportation system.

The Rear Admiral Richard E. Bennis Award seeks to increase public awareness and stress the importance of protecting the marine transportation system. The intent is to recognize and encourage organizations that establish and foster a comprehensive culture of security throughout their workforce.

The Coast Guard is pleased to congratulate the following recipients of the 2013-2014 Rear Admiral Richard E. Bennis Award for Excellence in Maritime Security:

Port Authority: Port Authority of New York/New Jersey
Facility, Large: Distrigas of Massachusetts, LLC
Facility, Small: Dyno-Nobel Inc. – Donora, PA. Facility
Company, Large: APL Co. PTE LTD (APL)

In addition, the Coast Guard is pleased to announce the following Honorable Mentions for each of the five scoring criteria:

Partnerships: Houston Ship Channel Security District
People: North Carolina Department of Transportation Ferry Division
Process: Maersk Lines Ltd.
Physical Security: SSA Marine
Other Security Activities: Massachusetts Ports Authority

The Award highlights exceptional security programs and organizations that lead their community and industry in promoting the maritime security practices necessary to safeguard our nation’s marine transportation system.

“I applaud this year’s Bennis Award recipients for demonstrating for us all best practices to leverage partnerships, develop business practices and implement physical security measures that build a culture of security in their organizations. We all own the Marine Transportation System and we all have a part in securing it; we must stay focused on our security systems to guard against complacency and prepare for emerging threats such as cyber attacks,” said Rear Adm. Paul Thomas, assistant commandant for prevention policy.

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