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6/4/2014: ETA and ETD Problems with InfoPath eNOAD submissions

The Coast Guard announced that there have been changes in estimated time of arrival and estimated time of departure times for some InfoPath Template 6.2.2 users after their XML file has been submitted for processing to the National Vessel Movement Center .

This problem appears to be more prevalent when users have made changes to their Windows system clock and change it between time zones. Local time will appear correctly in the visible portion of their form, but be saved with the time adjusted by the system clock of their computer. If you are an InfoPath Template user and the ETA you submitted does not match the times on your confirmation receipt then you likely have this issue. It is the submitter’s responsibility to review and compare all receipts from the NVMC and APIS.

It is recommended that users upgrade to InfoPath Template 6.2.3, which sometimes also has the same issue, and start a new file from scratch. Starting again from scratch sometimes resolves the issue. Until the issue can be fully resolved users may send an email to Tech Support and attach the XML file if they want assistance having the regional time adjustment removed.

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