Commercial Vessel Compliance

7/9/2014: MSIB 11-14 Tandem loading approval process update

The Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Information Bulletin 11-14 to inform all pertitent parties of changes to the approval process for multi-breasted tandem loading requests. Because tandem loading is now specifically addressed in the regulations, barge company owners, operators, Certifying Entities and company representatives are no longer required to submit tandem loading requests to Commandant.

Previously, the Coast Guard’s Hazardous Materials Division reviewed all vessel and facility documents, and issued an approval letter to the barge company, with copies to the cognizant Captain of the Port and Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection. Now,the Hazardous Materials Division will no longer generate tandem loading approval letters. Therefore, Coast Guard and industry should not expect to receive them.

The Marine Vapor Control Systems Final Rule was published on July 16, 2013. Standards for vapor controlled multi-breasted tandem loading can be found in 33CFR154.2022 for facilities and 46CFR39.5000-.5005 for vessels.

View the full safety bulletin for further details.

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