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8/7/2014: New type approval series for H-Class structural fire materials on the Outer Continental Shelf

The Coast Guard Headquarters Lifesaving and Fire Safety Division has established four new Coast Guard type approval series covering H-Class structural fire protection materials for use on offshore facilities on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf.

The Deepwater Horizon investigation report found that traditional A-class fire barriers may not provide adequate protection against the fire exposure possible from drill floor fires and blowouts that threaten occupied structures and structures housing vital safety equipment on offshore facilities. The report recommended that consideration be given to improving the level of protection through the provision of H-class fire barriers, which are tested to withstand a hydrocarbon fire – a higher standard than A-class barriers must meet.

Neither Coast Guard nor international regulations for offshore facilities currently require H-class barriers; however, owners and operators may wish to install this higher level of protection to satisfy classification society or other rules.

The new type approval categories provide an established mechanism for manufacturers to obtain Coast Guard type approval for these materials. Please visit our website for additional approval information on H-class penetration seals, fire doors, windows and structural insulation.

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