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9/5/2014: Coast Guard speaks on the Polar Code in Alaska

In the Coast Guard’s continuing dialogue surrounding Arctic priorities, Coast Guard officials joined regional stakeholders on August 29, 2014 in Anchorage, Ala. to talk about the Polar Code, an international code for ships operating in Arctic and Antarctic waters.

“The International Maritime Organization Polar Code is a significant step toward protecting people and the environment in Arctic communities. It does this by layering risk-based requirements on top of the existing regulatory requirements for international commercial shipping,” said Capt. John Mauger, chief of the Coast Guard office of design and engineering standards.

“It was good timing for the meeting, as many stakeholders from the state of Alaska U.S. Arctic communities were in town to discuss the establishment of an Arctic Waterways Safety Committee,” said Mauger. “The establishment of an Arctic Waterways Safety Committee would complement the Polar Code by providing a venue for the development and dissemination of local knowledge to enhance safety of shipping and maritime activity in the U.S. Arctic.”

Alaska’s Channel 2, KTUU news published a video, Coast Guard Polar Code, from the August 29, 2014 meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.

The Coast Guard continues to host public workshops and provide key note speakers at Polar Code engagements. This outreach is important to educate stakeholders about the IMO Polar Code and solicit input for U.S. positions at IMO.

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