Commercial Vessel Compliance

9/19/2014: Marine safety information bulletin- Riyadh port state control regimes announce concentrated inspection campaign

The Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Information Bulletin 15-14 about a concentrated inspection campaign, or CIC. The six Maritime Authorities of the Riyadh Memoranda of Understanding on port state control will launch a joint CIC with the purpose of ensuring compliance with SOLAS Chapter II-2 and the International Code for Fire Safety Systems.

The CIC is aimed to verify that firefighting equipment is readily available and maintained at all times; that the master, officers, and crew and familiar with the equipment and have received training in carrying out their duties; and to raise awareness of fire safety related issues. The inspection campaign will be held for three months, 1 October 2014 through 31 December 2014.

View MSIB 15-14 for further details.

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