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9/19/2014: Marine safety information bulletin- Unapproved use of mass loaded vinyl sound dampening products

The Coast Guard published Marine Safety Information Bulletin 16-14 regarding the unapproved use of mass loaded vinyl, or MLV, sound dampening products.

The Coast Guard has recently discovered that certain MLV sound dampening products, such as “VinaflexTM”, have been installed on some U.S. inspected vessels without the required type approvals.

Effective immediately, designers, shipyards, classification societies, owners and operators associated with the construction of U.S. inspected vessels shall discontinue the use of MLV sound dampening products, unless the materials have been approved for the specific location in which they are being installed. This includes a MLV product being used in isolation or as a part of any structural fire protection boundary.

View MSIB 16-14 for full details.

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