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11/3/2014: Safety alert – Fuel system modifications lead to fire

The Coast Guard issued marine safety alert 12-14 to raise awareness about the importance of using proper replacement parts and equipment in accordance with their intended purpose.

Recently, a casualty occurred on a passenger vessel. A crewmember, while making a round in a machinery space, noticed that a small fuel spray fire had developed above one of the four propulsion engines. Although the investigation is not complete, important causal factors were discovered and are shared here.

As a result of this casualty the Coast Guard strongly encourages owners, operators and marine engine rebuilders with the types of engines listed in the safety alert, either as propulsion or prime movers for generators to:

• Always use proper replacement parts
• Consider seam placement of exhaust insulation blankets and lagging during installation
• Follow good marine practice by always maintaining the tightness and correct fit of the insulation blankets over the entire exhaust system
• For those who repair or own and operate vessels with these Detroit Diesel engines either as propulsion or electrical generation equipment of design configuration 16V92 ,12V92, 12V71 and 16V71, inspect and verify that the proper head to head couplings are used for the fuel supply and return passages. If incorrect, contact an authorized manufacturer technician for specific guidance.

View the full marine safety alert for full details and causal factors.

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