11/12/2014: Safety alert – Accidental release of CO2 system

The Coast Guard issued marine safety alert 15-14 to remind shoreside and vessel personnel of the importance of 1) designing and maintaining emergency systems to be logical and easly operated in high stress situations, 2) maintaining a high level of crew familiarity with emergency systems, and 3) exercising safeguards during testing to mitigate the risk of human error or system malfunction. During a recent uninspected towing vessel exam, a vessel crewmember intending to test the fuel-oil shut-off cables instead pulled the CO2 system release cables.

The Coast Guard recommends conducting a comprehensive pre-test meeting and simulated step-by-step “walk-through” between involved parties prior to actual testing of complex or potentially confusing systems. Operational controls should be implemented to maximize safety and reduce risk. Furthermore, the Coast Guard strongly reminds all maritime operators of the importance in performing regular vessel specific emergency drills and to ensure that all crewmembers have the proper knowledge, skills and abilities to respond to any potential emergency.

View the full marine safety alert for full details.

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