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03/04/2015: Notice of arrival requirements for units on outer continental shelf

The Coast Guard issues marine safety notice 001-15 as a reminder of the notice of arrival and movement notification requirements for units on the U.S. outer continental shelf, or OCS.

Under Title 33 Code of Federal Regulations, the owner of any MODU engaged in OCS activities shall, 14 days before arrival of the unit on the OCS, notify the District Commander for the area in which the unit will operate. Once a unit is located on the OCS, the owner of the unit shall notify the District Commander before relocating. This information is similar, but in addition to, any Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement requirements found in 30 CFR 250.195.

Additional regulations require a MODU, vessel and/or floating facility, at least 96 hours before arrival on the OCS from a foreign port or place or from a different OCS block area, when engaged in OCS activities, to file a Notice of Arrival with the National Vessel Movement Center. For voyages of less than 96 hours, information must be submitted at least 24 hours before entering the port or place of destination.

View the enitre marine safety bulletin for more information.

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