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4/3/2015: Qualship 21 Program update

In March 2015, the U.S. Coast Guard began issuing Qualship 21 Program certificates to Flag Administrations, companies and vessels with a unique identification number. The Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance website started including these numbers next to the associate party.

Please note that the Coast Guard will not issue new certificates to vessels with these identification numbers until their next renewal. The lack of an identification number on a current certificate does not make the certificate invalid. It will take two or more years for all of the Qualship 21 certificates, without identification numbers, to be replaced.

If there is ever any question on the validity of any certificate associated with the Qualship 21 Program, you should contact the Qualship 21 Program coordinator at (202) 372-1587 or by e-mail at .

QS21 started issuing certificates with unique identifiers in March. So far the QS21 vessel list has been updated to include the numbers and an explanation has been added to the QS21 details page.

QS21 List
QS21 Details

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