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5/29/2015: New edition of Waves on the Waterfront posted!

The Coast Guard’s Office of Port and Facility Compliance, or CG-FAC, published its latest issue of Waves on the Waterfront. The newsletter serves to provide useful information on the national and international policies as well as highlight success stories, best practices and achievements in the field.

This edition of the newsletter provides information to Coast Guard units and maritime stakeholders on and covers a variety of topics to include:

NEW feature called “Questions from the Field”
Discussion on Sector Coordinating Councils and how they can help the Maritime Sector
Updates on the ongoing CG-FAC road shows
Update on TWIC delays
Discussion on explosive handling procedures
Clarification on MTSA exemptions vs. waivers.
Several more topics…

View the June 2015, Waves on the Waterfront, here.

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