Commercial Vessel Compliance

6/1/2015: Water jet devices – MSIB published

The Coast Guard Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance has recently received numerous inquiries concerning operations involving water jet devices, or WJD and recently published a marine safety information bulletin to identify where a passenger for hire operation exists, the licensing requirements and the safety-related procedures specifically for navigable waters over which the Coast Guard has jurisdiction.

For the purposes of the MSIB, the acronym “WJD” includes Jetpaks™, Jetlevs™, Flyboards™, Jetovators ™, HydroliftTM and JetsurfTM, and other similar devices where individuals ride a hydro-powered apparatus above the surface of the water while connected to a personal watercraft or other power source that supplies thrust to the WJD through a hose connecting the two devices.

Please read MSIB 04-15 for full details.

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