Commercial Vessel Compliance

7/30/2015: NMC improves credential production process

Merchant Mariner Credentials, or MMCs, are currently created using a labor-intensive process. The National Maritime Center, or NMC, will soon begin using automated printers for MMC production, which will significantly improve the quality and security of the credentials.

The automated process will include a new laminate and improved print quality. The new laminate will contain the Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard and the United States Merchant Marine seals as well as other features.

All currently issued and active credentials will remain valid until their printed expiration dates. There will be no change in the way endorsement labels are issued and applied to MMCs.

In the coming months, the NMC will also introduce an updated MMC booklet that, while retaining the same form, fit and function, will include new graphics on the credential pages. Additional information will be provided prior to their issuance.

View the notice for full details.

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