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Regional port state control regimes announce 2015 joint concentrated inspection campaign – MSIB published

The Maritime Authorities of the Paris and Tokyo Memoranda of Understanding on port state control, or PSC, will launch a joint concentrated inspection campaign on Crew Familiarization for Enclosed Space Entry; other PSC regimes may participate as well. The campaign’s aim is to verify that effective procedures and measures are in place to safeguard the seafarers who are serving on board ships. The campaign will be held for three months, from Sept. 1, 2015 to Nov. 30, 2015.

Owners and operators of U.S. flag vessels should expect that during regular PSC inspections, selected items will be inspected in more detail for compliance with SOLAS.

U.S. flag vessel owners and operators are encouraged to take steps necessary to become familiar with the inspection criteria prior to the campaign. Verifying that vessels meet applicable requirements under SOLAS in advance of foreign voyages and port calls can go a long way toward facilitating PSC inspections.

For more information, pleave view MSIB 06-15.

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