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8/20/2015: LGC NCOE works with DNV GL to train Coast Guard personnel on LNG Risk Assessments

The Liquefied Gas Carrier National Center of Expertise’s, or LGC NCOE, held another bimonthly Coast Guard Liquefied Gas Webinar in Port Arthur, Texas. These webinars are used to train Coast Guard vessel inspectors, facility examiners, pollution responders, security, waterways management personnel and planners around the country, who are or are soon to be involved in the liquefied gas industry. The LGC NCOE works with the private sector to train Coast Guard personnel on the newest technologies.

This session was presented by Aaron Brown and Cheryl Stahl from DNV GL’s North America’s Oil and Gas Risk Advisory Services Department, a team that conducts risk identification, assessment and mitigation for the oil and gas industry.

Risk assessments are commonly used for all types of liquefied gas projects during both the design and operational phases including waterway suitability assessments for siting of liquefied natural gas maritime facilities and design basis evaluations for LNG fueled vessels. These types of thorough analysis are necessary to ensure that full consideration is given to allow liquefied gases to be transported and used throughout our ports and waterways in a safe, secure and clean manner.

The presentation included a thorough overview of how risk assessments are used throughout the liquefied gas community as well as various risk tools and requirements that mandate use of risk assessments.

“These types of training opportunities are critical to maintaining a workforce of inspectors that are up-to-date on the latest technologies and common practices and help to improve our understanding of the challenges faced by industry,” said Capt. John Mauger, commanding officer for the Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Center. “I’d like to thank DNV GL Risk Advisory Team for this very insightful and timely training that has reached vessel inspectors, facility examiners and waterway specialists in over 50 units throughout the Coast Guard.”


The LGC NCOE is one of six nationwide national centers of expertise focusing on providing industry specific consultation and services to the Coast Guard and maritime industry. The LGC NCOE provides technical advice on matters related to liquefied gas in the maritime community; liquefied gas training and outreach opportunities; liquefied gas workforce forecasting and performance development; and technical expertise for the establishment of local and national liquefied gas guidance, policy and regulations.

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