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8/20/2015: Safety alert – Prevent parasail accidents

The Coast Guard issued marine safety alert 07-15 to remind owners, operators and crewmembers of their responsibilities when working on parasail vessels.

The alert focuses on the proper fitting of the “seat type” body harness, which is used to support a parasail passenger while in flight.

The Coast Guard strongly recommends that owners, operators and crewmembers of parasail vessels thoroughly examine:

  • The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, “Standard Practices for Parasailing F-3099-14” This standard addresses weather, equipment, operations, crew requirements and patron responsibilities
  • Related equipment manufacturer instructions (harnesses, chutes, winch, etc.)
  • Instructions and procedures regarding fitting passengers into harnesses to ensure the proper positioning of the harness on the wearer

For full details, please view the entire marine safety alert.

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