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8/26/2015: Mandatory commercial fishing vessel exam reminder

The Coast Guard published a letter to commercial fishing vessel owners and operators reminding them of the mandatory dockside safety exam.

The mandatory dockside safety exams are required for certain fishing vessels starting October 15, 2015.

The 2010 Coast Guard Authorization Act required that all commercial fishing, fish tender and fish processing vessels that operate more than three miles offshore, carry more than 16 individuals or, for the purposes of fish tender, engage in the Aleutian trade, complete a biennial dockside safety examination.

The 2012 Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act specified that the completion of the first exam be no later than October 15, 2014 and allowed for follow-on exams at least once every five years.

To arrange for an exam or obtain more information to ensure compliance, contact your local Coast Guard Sector, Marine Safety Unit or Field Office and ask for the fishing vessel safety examiner.

You can also request an exam through the Fish Safe website.

View the letter to commercial fishing vessel owner and operators for full details.

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