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8/26/2015: Tianjin, China explosions and precautions for possible contamination – MSIB published

The Coast Guard published a Marine Safety Information Bulletin, or MSIB, regarding the need to assess potential contamination risks from the Tianjin explosions and the responsibility to report potentially hazardous conditions to the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection are monitoring vessel traffic and cargo departing the port complex in Tianjin, China, following the tragic explosions on August 12th and 15th, 2015, due to concerns that there may be potentially hazardous ash, debris or residues on vessels or cargo bound for U.S. ports.

Vessels impacted by the Tianjin explosions are expected to call on U.S. ports over the next several weeks. There have been no reports of vessels with confirmed hazardous debris or residues onboard, however U.S. companies are looking for reassurances regarding the health and safety of those who handle shipping containers across the supply chain.

For the purpose of this bulletin, an “impacted vessel” is any vessel that was in the Tianjin port complex, or that has loaded cargo or containers that were in the Tianjin port complex, at the time of the first explosion on August 12th through August 15th.

Read MSIB 07-15 for key points and further informative details.

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