Commercial Vessel Compliance

8/27/2015: Organizational modification of the vessel and facility response plan programs – MSIB published

The Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Information Bulletin 08-15 to announce the transfer of the Vessel Response Plan and Facility Response Plan programs from the Offices of Commercial Vessel Compliance and Port and Facility Compliance to the Office of Marine Environmental Response.

This transfer was effective as of July 1, 2015.

Little change regarding the review and approval protocol for both VRPs and FRPs. Benefits of this shift include:

• Improved VRP coordination amongst VRPs, FRPs, Area Contingency Plans, Regional, Contingency Plans and the National Contingency Plan
• Improved activation of VRPs for response to spills and significant threats of spills
• Improved response resource identification and accessibility
• Eased implementation of the new PREP Guidelines
• Eased implementation of the new Oil Spill Removal Organization Classification Guidelines
• Synergized development of a national policy for Alternative Planning Criteria
• Improved marine environmental response in the United States

View MSIB 08-15 for full details.

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