Commercial Vessel Compliance

9/9/2015: Towing Vessel Center of Expertise works with private sector to understand industry concerns

Written by Cmdr. Jacqueline Twomey, chief of the TVNCOE

Recently, Rear Adm. Paul Thomas, assistant commandant for prevention policy, visited the Towing Vessel Center of Expertise, or TVNCOE.

During this visit, Thomas held two meetings with maritime stakeholders in the Paducah region. More than 60 representatives of the towing vessel industry and maritime groups attended these meetings and provided Thomas with their insights about towing vessel operations, the prevention of marine casualties and waterways management issues. In addition, Thomas visited the Seamen’s Church Institute and piloted a tow in their bridge simulator and visited a shipyard and was able to get underway on a towing vessel.

Prior to departure, Thomas toured the Army Corp of Engineer’s, or ACOE, Olmsted Lock & Dam project to see its progress. This ACOE project will replace the aging locks and dams No 52/53 to ensure reliable navigation of the lower Ohio River where approximately 91 Metric Tons of commodities transit each year.

The visit to the TVNCOE, combined with the meetings and tours, provided Thomas with the opportunity to focus on the complexity of maritime transportation on the Western Rivers.


The TVNCOE is one of six nationwide national centers of expertise, focusing on providing industry specific consultation and services to the Coast Guard and the maritime industry. The TV NCOE provides technical advice on matters related to the towing vessel industry. For more information, visit the TVNCOE website.

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