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9/11/2015: Common Cyber Language developed for cyber incidents

The Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Systems Sector Cybersecurity Working Group, or TSS CWG, announces the completion of the Common Cyber Language that was developed to satisfy one of the observations from the Cyber Security in Transportation Table Top Exercise in August of 2014 and release it to the TSS CWG community.

The Cyber Security in Transportation Table Top Exercise was held to improve Sector-level awareness of the various threats to Transportation sector operations and assets with focused discussions on cyber preparedness, information-sharing and incident management during a cyber event.

The Common Cyber Language is standard language that can be used across the transportation sector so that all people involved can communicate from the ‘same page.’ This is important, for example, if there were a cybersecurity event that touched both the airline and maritime industry.

“The completion of Common Cyber Language is a testament to the dedicated public and private partnership that is fostered in the transportation sector,” said Capt. Andrew Tucci, chief of the Office of Port and Facility Compliance.

If you have interest in being a part of the TSS CWG, you can contact

Further information is located in Homeport under the “Cybersecurity Missions” tab under “Cyber Information.”

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