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9/30/2015: Liquefied Gas Carrier National Center of Expertise releases LNG bunkering field notice

The Coast Guard’s Liquefied Gas Carrier National Center of Expertise, or LGC NCOE, has released Field Notice 01-15, titled LNG Bunkering Recommendation.

The field notice is critically important for all parties involved in liquefied natural gas bunkering operations to fully understand the risks that are presented when transferring LNG. While LNG can be handled safely, it’s cryogenic, asphyxiant and flammability hazards must be recognized and mitigated in order to avoid serious personnel injury, vessel damage and/or other harmful effects. This LGC NCOE field notice augments existing policy with recommendations based off best practices and lessons learned observed during recent LNG bunkering operations. The information provided in this field notice is to be used as recommendations to help ensure the safety of marine LNG bunkering operations.


The LGC NCOE is one of six nationwide national centers of expertise focusing on providing industry specific consultation and services to the Coast Guard and maritime industry. The LGC NCOE provides technical advice on matters related to liquefied gas in the maritime community; liquefied gas training and outreach opportunities; liquefied gas workforce forecasting and performance development; and technical expertise for the establishment of local and national liquefied gas guidance, policy and regulations.

For more information on the LGC NCOE, visit their website at

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