11/09/2015: Safety alert – laundering safety issues

The Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Alert 11-15 to warn owners and operators of vessels employing large laundry operations and extra-large-capacity drying machines of the potential fire hazards this equipment poses. The Coast Guard also encourages owners and operators of vessels with this equipment to be aware of and familiar with the equipment and all associated safety systems and to ensure these systems are properly maintained and operational.

As a result of a recent incident, the Coast Guard recommends that owners and operators having similar industrial sized drying equipment:
– Re-evaluate the risks associated with the equipment;
– Identify and maintain all associated safety equipment and extinguishing systems;
– Establish clear lines of responsibility for equipment inspections, maintenance, and repair;
– Prohibit all personnel from overriding safety components; and
– Consider the necessity of additional signage and instructions in proper languages.

For additional details, please read the entire marine safety alert.

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