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11/10/2015: Safety alert – dockside safety issues

The Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Alert 12-15 to warn mariners of the unusual hazards associated with the maritime industry, specifically waterfront facilities.

Following a recent incident involving line handling operations, the Coast Guard reminds port authorities, marine terminal operators, line handlers, longshoreman and others associated with such activities to consider:

  • Developing policies and procedures that address potential hazards and minimize associated risks;
  • Evaluating the need for utilizing quick release devices or other weak link arrangements; and
  • Ensuring line handlers have the ability to communicate with vessels during berthing or un-berthing procedures.


It is also recommended that vessel operators and deck officers’ use caution and remain vigilant of all components when hauling in, ensuring that lines and cables are clear and free of attachments. Special attention should be given to the mooring lines as they are coming off the dock and being hauled aboard.

For full details, please view the entire marine safety alert.

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