Commercial Vessel Compliance

11/19/2015: Safety alert – Ultra low sulfur fuel oil and compliance with MARPOL requirements

The Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Alert 13-15 to update Marine Safety Alert 2-15. The new safety alert adds two additional recommendations.

The Coast Guard has received several confirmed reports stating that main engines may not attain the expected speed when using ultra low sulfur fuel oil. The Coast Guard provided a list of recommendations to vessel owners and operators about the importance of establishing effective fuel oil changeover procedures in Marine Safety Alert 2-15.

The two additional recommendations are:

  • As part of the master-pilot information exchange (as required by 33 CFR 164.11(k)), discuss the vessel’s maneuvering characteristics, including any change in RPMs associated with ULS fuel oil and;
  • Determine if using ULS fuel necessitates amendments to the pilot card (see IMO RES A.601(15) and NVIC 7-89);

Read both safety alerts for full details.

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