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1/28/2016: Coast Guard nominated ambassadors to the International Maritime Organization

Rear Adm. Cari Thomas and Ms. Carleen Lyden Kluss, co-founder and executive director of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association, were recently appointed to be International Maritime Organization ambassadors.

An IMO Ambassador is an advocate for maritime and seafaring professions and actively conducts community outreach activities which encourage young people to consider careers at sea or in the maritime industry.

Thomas and Lyden Kluss were nominated by the United States Coast Guard because of their extensive careers in different maritime activities as well as their unique interest in maritime education and training opportunities for students.

The IMO Ambassador Scheme was launched in February 2015 as an initiative to emphasize the importance of the maritime industry. The program depends on the experiences of people in maritime careers to promote it. Thomas and Lyden-Kluss are two of the first IMO ambassadors from the United States and are congratulated on their appointments!

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