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2/10/2016: Public meeting – Container weight listening session

The Federal Maritime Commission, or FMC, is hosting a listening session on the amendments to SOLAS Regulation VI-2 regarding cargo information and verified gross mass of containers. The Coast Guard will be in attendance to hear concerns and feedback from industry and stakeholders on this issue.

Specifically the Coast Guard will seek to understand;

  • How the industry currently meets the requirements of SOLAS Regulation VI-2;
  • How the amendments that take effect on 1July impact the existing processes and relationships used to comply with the current requirements in SOLAS;
  • How the Coast Guard can facilitate, if needed, continued compliance with Regulation VI-2 in a manner that ensures the safety of ships at sea and maintains the efficiency of the Marine Transportation System.

This session is open to the public. Details are as follows:

DATE: February 18, 2016

TIME: 2:00pm EST

Federal Maritime Commission’s 1st Floor Hearing Room
800 North Capitol Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20573

If you are planning to attend, please RSVP with the FMC at 202-523-5715 or email them at  Anyone seeking to attend should allow time to clear the security check upon entering the building.

The Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy, Rear Adm. Paul Thomas, will be providing a Coast Guard update on this issue here on Maritime Commons after the listening session….so stay tuned!

This blog is not a replacement or substitute for the formal posting of regulations and updates or existing processes for receiving formal feedback of the same. Links provided on this blog will direct the reader to official source documents, such as the Federal Register, Homeport and the Code of Federal Regulations. These documents remain the official source for regulatory information published by the Coast Guard.

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