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2/22/2016: Ballast water reporting– Extension on use of old forms

The Coast Guard published updated Ballast Water Management Recordkeeping and Reporting requirements on November 24, 2015. Beginning February 22, 2016, the reporting was scheduled to transition to a new reporting form as part of these updated regulations. The Coast Guard expects the new reporting process to benefit both government and industry as reduces the number of ballast water reports requiring correction.

Unfortunately, since, the new form became available only as of February 19, 2016, the Coast Guard recognizes that this does not provide adequate time for industry to adjust and adopt the new form. To address this situation, National Ballast Water Information Clearinghouse (NBIC) will continue to process ballast water reports using the old form to provide a transition period.

While NBIC will continue to process the old form, we expect vessel owners and operators to adjust such that vessels discharging ballast to U.S. waters will use the new form by May 1, 2016.

Please visit the NBIC website for details.

Thank you for your understanding.

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