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3/7/2016: 2016 Biennial Rear Admiral William M. Benkert Award winners announced

The Coast Guard congratulates the winners of the bi-annual Rear Admiral William M. Benkert award for excellence and outstanding achievement in protecting the marine environment.

The U.S. Coast Guard would like to congratulate the award recipients for the 2016 Biennial Rear Admiral William M. Benkert, Marine Environmental Protection Award for Excellence!

The award recognizes corporations and businesses involved in marine facility or vessel operations that have demonstrated sustained excellence and outstanding achievement in protecting the marine environment. It also encourages innovations in operations, maintenance, cargo handling, refueling and training as well as provides a means for award recipients to share their successful methods and techniques with others in industry.

“We were able to recognize a number of maritime-related companies for their outstanding work in marine environmental protection, by presenting them with various levels of the Rear Adm. Benkert award,” said Vice Adm. Charles Michel, vice commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard. “Rear Adm. Benkert is the father of the marine safety program for the Coast Guard and this is one of our premier events that recognizes environmentally responsible and environmentally forward thinking companies in the marine industry.”

The awards were presented during the American Petroleum Institute Maritime Energy Transportation Forum on March 4, 2016. We are pleased to announce this year’s winners were among the most vying applicants in the award’s history.

For the 2016 award cycle, four companies earned formal recognition:

Osprey: Ocean Shipholdings, Inc.

Gold: Harley Marine Services

Silver: SEAPRO

Bronze: U.S. Shipping Corp.

“It’s critical the Coast Guard does this ceremony, because it provides recognition for companies that not only meet standards, but actually exceed standards, and act as models or templates for other individuals to follow in increasing their environmental marine protection, which is one of the key missions of the Coast Guard,” said Michel.

Maritime Commons would like to congratulate all of the award recipients. Job well done, or as we say in the maritime services… Bravo Zulu!

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