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3/11/2016: New Arctic Executive Champion introduced

Today, Rear Adm. Paul Thomas, assistant commandant for prevention policy, was introduced as the Coast Guard’s new Arctic Executive Champion to the Arctic Initiatives Coordination Team (AICT).

The AICT is the Coast Guard’s team responsible for implementation of the Commandant’s Arctic Strategy.

The role of the Arctic Executive Champion is to ensure that the progress, successes and impediments to the Arctic Strategy are communicated with Coast Guard leadership. Additionally, the Champion represents the Department of Homeland Security at National-level Arctic functions.

The Coast Guard’s Arctic Strategy requires a whole-of-Service approach to ensure successful implementation. Continued Coast Guard involvement and energy in Arctic interests is vital to the success of implementing the both the President’s and the Commandant’s vision for the region.

“Our continued involvement in the Arctic requires a long-term approach that will outlive all of our tenures in our current roles,” said Thomas. “Our current efforts ensure future success in the Arctic as it continues to become a more prominent domain in Coast Guard operations.”

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