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4/20/2016: New Policy Letter – Facility Security Plan, Alternative Security Program, Vessel Security Plan

The Coast Guard published a new policy letter outlining timeline and process for five year Facility Security Plan (FSP), Alternative Security Program (ASP), and Vessel Security Plan (VSP) renewal for use by Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) regulated facilities and the Marine Safety Center (MSC).

The letter states that the renewal of a FSP, ASP, or VSP should be submitted 60 days prior to expiration of the current approved plan. This ensures the Coast Guard has adequate time to review the renewal plan before the approved plan expires. Facility owner(s) or operator(s) must submit a renewal FSP to the cognizant Captains of the Port, ASPs must be submitted to the Coast Guard’s Office of Port and Facility Compliance, and vessel owner(s) or operator(s) must submit a renewal VSP to MSC.

This direction and policy is not a substitute for applicable legal requirements, nor is itself a rule. It is intended to provide operational guidance for Coast Guard personnel and is not intended to nor does it impose legally-binding requirements on any party outside of the Coast Guard.

This policy letter will be distributed by electronic means only. It is available by accessing the MTSA page on Homeport.

Questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Coast Guard Office of Port and Facility Compliance (CG-FAC) at (202) 372-1132 or at

This blog is not a replacement or substitute for the formal posting of regulations and updates or existing processes for receiving formal feedback of the same. Links provided on this blog will direct the reader to official source documents, such as the Federal Register, Homeport and the Code of Federal Regulations. These documents remain the official source for regulatory information published by the Coast Guard.

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