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4/22/2016: Towing Safety Advisory Committee meeting wrap-up

The Coast Guard’s Office of Operating and Environmental Standards held a successful spring 2016 meeting with the Towing Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) and the maritime community in New Orleans from April 13-14, 2016.

The meeting was divided into a session of sub-committee work groups and a public meeting. TSAC reached a major milestone by receiving, and approving, three final reports from its subcommittees on the mobile offshore drilling unit KULLUK ‘Report of Investigation, Repair and Utilization of Towing Gear, and Automation Equipment for reduction of Engine Room Personnel’. Additionally, there are now two ongoing subcommittees working on articulated tug and barge operations and electronic chart system carriage.

Also, during the meeting the previous Chairman and Vice Chairman, Tom McWhorter and Cathy Hammond, were recognized with Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Awards for their leadership and selflessness while serving on the Committee.

The accomplishments and great work fostered with our maritime partners during these meetings greatly helped the Coast Guard achieve its mission to promote safer commercial towing operations. More information on the Committee can be found on the Committee’s Homeport site.

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