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6/20/2016: Publication of subchapter M: Inspection of towing vessels

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Today, the Coast Guard published subchapter M of title 46 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, which establishes new regulations and requirements  for owners and operations of tows and towing vessels.

Some major changes included in, and goals of, this final rule include:

  • Establishment of third-party inspectors;
  • Implementation of need for certificates of inspection on all applicable vessels; and,
  • Recurring compliance inspections and/or audits.


Over the next several months, Maritime Commons will host a series of posts to share information and resources to aid towing vessel owners and operators in adjusting to, and understanding, this new rule. These resources will include webinars and video training sessions hosted by the Coast Guard Towing Vessel National Center of Expertise, sharing FAQs and providing links for all future references as they are released.

“Subchapter M, and the implementation of safety management systems on towing vessels, is a landmark achievement towards getting this vital industry to an even higher level of safe, secure and environmentally-sound operations,” said Rear Adm. Paul Thomas, assistant commandant for prevention policy.

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