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7/19/2016: Correction notice for subchapter M: Inspection of towing vessels

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The Coast Guard is announcing the publication of a correction notice in the Federal Register for the Inspection of Towing Vessels final rule published on June 20, 2016. The Coast Guard is issuing this correction notice to correct three dates that were listed incorrectly.

The date in 46 CFR 143.300(d) for new installations of pressure vessels on existing vessels has been corrected to July 20, 2018, or the date the vessel obtains a Certificate of Inspection, whichever date is earlier. In 46 CFR 144.105(c) the trigger date for alterations or modifications that results in major conversion has been corrected to July 20, 2017. Finally, for the requirement in Table 144.135(c) related to a new installation that is not a ‘‘replacement in kind,’’ we removed reference to a specific date: new towing vessels will need to comply with this requirement when they become new vessels (on July 20, 2017, or later), and existing vessels will need to comply with this requirement starting July 20, 2018 or the date the vessel obtains a COI, whichever date is earlier.

These corrections align these sections with the final rule’s amended definition of “new towing vessel” and the delayed implementation of most requirements in parts 143 and 144. The Correction Notice will be published July 21, 2016, but may be found on the Federal Register public inspection website starting July 20, 2016.

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