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7/25/2016: Upcoming amendment to electronic charts and publications policy (NVIC 01-16)

In February 2016 the Coast Guard released Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) 01-16: Use of electronic charts and publications in lieu of paper charts and publications. Through our own evaluation and a review of stakeholder feedback, we are aware that it has not allowed certain existing equipment to replace paper charts. Therefore, we are working to amend this policy and update third-party consensus standards.

In order to address these challenges, we are collaborating with representatives from maritime industry and marine electronics manufacturers. The solution will require more than one amendment to this policy. Throughout this process, we are committed to safe, practical and voluntary alternatives to paper charts.

While that process evolves, mariners can still use the current policy as a pathway to removing paper charts. Our goal is to keep a voluntary compliance option available for users who want to avail themselves of this technology. As a reminder, mariners are not required to use electronic charts or electronic charting systems. NVIC 01-16 provides a voluntary alternative means to comply with U.S. chart, or map and publication carriage requirements, as codified in Titles 33 and 46 CFR. You can continue to send feedback to the Office of Navigation Systems.

To view the original blog post from February 2016, please click here.

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