8/22/2016: Safety alert – Discarded munitions

The Coast Guard issued safety alert 11-16 to address the extreme hazards that exist today caused by discarded munitions that were dumped at sea long ago. They remain a significant risk to commercial fisherman, those operating dredges, and others who trawl and work the ocean floor.

The Coast Guard strongly recommends:

  • Persons involved in commercial fishing industries review their navigational charts to ensure that the areas in which they are trawling are not near labeled “Explosives Dumping Areas.” Such areas must be given wide berth and fishermen should recognize that bottom surfaces change and objects can move from original disposal areas;
  • Review the Maritime Industry 3R Explosive Safety Guide; follow and understand its recommendations; and
  • Report any discovery immediately to the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802 for proper response. (Alternatively, the Coast Guard may be notified via channel 16.)


For additional details, please view the entire safety alert.

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