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10/4/2016: Safety alert – Towing operations

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert reminding owners and operators of businesses and vessels associated with the towing of large drilling rigs, such as semi-submersibles, conical or other types of non-standard tows, of the importance of planning for such significant towing operations.

The alert details the 2012 Kulluk incident and another recent incident with a 17,000-ton semi-submersible drilling rig.

A final report from the Coast Guard’s Report of Investigation on the Kulluk incident included background and guidance on the following topics:


These recommendations, together with the content from other sections of the report, collectively serve as an overview of Best Practices for High Risk Towing Operations.

The Coast Guard strongly recommends the widest distribution of this information for consideration and inclusion into various Procedural and Safety Management Systems of towing industry associated companies.

For additional details, please view the entire safety alert.

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