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1/3/2017: Safety alert – Importance of following safety procedures

The Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Alert 01-17 to remind owners and operators of vessels of the importance of following established safety management system procedures.

Recently, while a bulk carrier was at anchor off the coast of Texas, a crewmember that could not swim was put over the rail in a Bosun’s Chair to paint the vessel’s mid-ship draft marks and load lines. Unfortunately, when his shipmates on deck commenced to haul him up, the Bosun’s Chair line parted and he fell into the water. He survived the fall and attempted to swim towards a life ring that had been thrown to him, but he ultimately submerged and was lost. Other crewmembers attempted to launch a rescue craft, but it failed to operate.

As a result of this casualty, the Coast Guard strongly reminds vessel owners and/or operators and all personnel onboard vessels everywhere to do the following:

  • Properly use safety equipment
  • Ensure adequate supervision of work teams
  • Develop workplace mindsets that properly develop and execute plans, including those for worst-case scenarios
  • Implement barriers to prevent such scenarios
  • Fully implement and adhere to Safety Management System requirements


For additional details, please view the entire safety alert.

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