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2/22/2017: Five firm fixed-price contracts awarded for heavy polar icebreaker design studies, analysis

The Coast Guard has awarded five firm fixed-price contracts for heavy polar icebreaker design studies and analysis. The contracts were awarded to the following recipients: Bollinger Shipyards, LLC, Lockport, La., Fincantieri Marine Group, LLC, Washington, D.C.; General Dynamics/National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, San Diego, Calif.; Huntington Ingalls, Inc., Pascagoula, Miss.; and VT Halter Marine, Inc., Pascagoula, Miss. The combined total value of the awards is approximately $20 million.

The objective of the studies is to identify design and systems approaches to reduce acquisition cost and production timelines. In addition to a requirement to develop heavy polar icebreaker designs with expected cost and schedule figures, the contracts require: the awardees to examine major design cost drivers; approaches to address potential acquisition, technology, and production risks; and benefits associated with different types of production contract types.

The heavy polar icebreaker integrated program office, staffed by Coast Guard and U.S. Navy personnel, will use the results of the studies to refine and validate the draft heavy polar icebreaker system specifications. The use of design studies is an acquisition best practice influenced by the Navy’s acquisition experience with the Landing Craft, Utility amphibious transport ship and T-AO(X) fleet oiler, which are being acquired under accelerated acquisition schedules.

The studies are expected to take 12 months to complete, with study results provided incrementally during that time. The Coast Guard plans to release a draft request for proposals for detail design and construction by the end of fiscal year 2017, followed by release of the final request for proposals in fiscal year 2018. The integrated program office plans to award a single contract for design and construction of the lead heavy polar icebreaker in fiscal year 2019, subject to appropriations.

For more information visit the Polar icebreaker program page.


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