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4/14/2017: New E-Zero initiative will recognize exceptional compliance

The Coast Guard’s Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance is pleased to announce the QUALSHIP 21 E-Zero Program, which officially commences July 1, 2017.

E-Zero indicates a vessel has zero environmental deficiencies or violations and is a new addition to the existing QUALSHIP 21 program, which has been in place for over 15 years worldwide. The E-Zero designation will be awarded to QUALSHIP 21 ships that have consistently adhered to environmental compliance, while also demonstrating an immense commitment to environmental stewardship, above and beyond the QUALSHIP 21 criteria.

The QUALSHIP 21 program as a whole remains voluntary and is aimed at recognizing foreign ships that have demonstrated the highest commitment to maintaining strict compliance with U.S. and international safety, security and environmental regulations.

All existing QUALSHIP 21 ships due for renewal between July 1 and December 1, 2017 will be automatically screened for eligibility. For all other QUALSHIP 21 ships that presently meet the E-Zero criteria, we welcome shipping companies to submit applications in order to have the E-Zero designation added to current certificates for reissuance.

To find out if your vessel is eligible, view the QUALSHIP 21 E-Zero pamphlet, or contact the Foreign & Offshore Compliance Division at (202) 372-1251 or portstatecontrol@uscg.mil.

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