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4/21/2017: Vessel documentation application priority handling criteria

The National Vessel Documentation Center posted information on its website for vessel owners wishing to request expedited handling of vessel documentation applications.

Requests for expedited handling of vessel documentation applications should be sent to the NVDC with all of the following:
1.The words “PRIORITY REQUEST” in BOLD on the first page of any submission requesting expeditious handling.
2.The name and official number or other unique identifier of the vessel.
3.The full and correct name of the applicant(s).
4.The date the application was sent to the NVDC (and if, available, the date of receipt by the NVDC).
5.The reason priority handling should be approved.
6.The planned departure date and location (city, state, country) if for foreign travel.
7.The special delivery need (FedEx, Airborne, etc. with account number or prepaid packaging) or other special instructions.
8.The statement, “I (we) understand that making a false statement when applying for vessel documentation may subject the vessel to seizure by and forfeiture to the United States government (46 USC §12151, formerly 46 USC § 12 l22).”
9.The signature of vessel owner or managing owner.


Fillable forms can be found on NVDC’s website. Copies made on anything other than plain paper will not be accepted. Electronic payments are accepted through Checks and money orders payable to U.S. Coast Guard, or credit card payments with accompanying CG-7042. Authorization for Credit Card Transactions are also accepted and must accompany application. Fees are non-refundable as per 46 CFR 67.SOO(e).

Documents may be mailed to the following address:

National Vessel Documentation Center
792 T.J. Jackson Drive
Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419

Applications may also be faxed to 304-271-2405.

For complete information, view the notice, or call 304-271-2400.

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