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5/12/2017: Preview – Coast Guard at IOSC 2017

Next week Maritime Commons will be covering the International Oil Spill Conference in Long Beach, California to bring you the latest Coast Guard information and trends from the preparedness and response world. Following is a list of topics about which Coast Guard members will be presenting:

Case Studies: From the Past to the Future
T/B APEX 3508 Case Study: Best Practices for Detection and Recovery of Sunken Oil

Laws and Policy
ESA Section 7: Time for a Refresh in the Pre-Spill Planning Consultation Process

In a Hostile Environment? Skills Needed for Success

Sunken Vessels
Tank Barge ARGO: a Case Study on the Employment of NCP Special Teams

Global Perspectives
A True Roadmap for Developing Response Preparedness Capacity in Developing Nations

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
Establishing New Best Response Standards Through Positive Communication: A look at Best Response Criteria 20 Years Later

Arctic Planning
International Ice Services’ Planning for an Arctic Oil Spill Response

Spill Preparedness and Planning
Metacognitive Decision Making in Oil Spill Response: Behavioral Bias in Relation to Perceived Risk

Surveillance and Remote Sensing
Verification of a Marine Pollutant Surface Plume Model for Use in the Development of Autonomous Vehicle Tracking Systems

Risk and Response of Crude-by-Rail
USCG Sector Delaware Bay: Response to Rail Incidents Planning Project

Improvements in Preparedness
1. Incident Management Preparedness Advisors and From Concept to Reality and Beyond
2. Creation of National Strike Force Center of Expertise from Coast Guard Modernization
3. Environmental Impact in Geographically Remote Areas: An Assessment on Response and Possible Solutions

Lessons Learned From Spill Preparedness Exercises
Using GIUEs to Improve Marine Environmental Response Preparedness

Maritime Commons will also be covering Technical Demonstrations: The Evolution of Oil Spill Response, Wednesday, May 17, beginning at 1 p.m.

Can’t attend IOSC but have questions about any of the scheduled topics? Submit them in advance in the comment section below, or post them to the @maritimecommons Twitter page using #IOSC2017 and we’ll work to get your questions included as part of the Q&A sessions following each panel. Topics listed are as of May 12, 2017. Be sure to check the IOSC 2017 website for the latest conference schedule.

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