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7/19/2017: Coast Guard seeks applicants for the Lower Mississippi River Waterway Safety Advisory Committee

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The Coast Guard is seeking applications for membership on the Lower Mississippi River Waterway Safety Advisory Committee.

The Lower Mississippi River Waterway Safety Advisory Committee advises the Coast Guard on matters relating to communications, surveillance, traffic management, anchorages, development and operation of the New Orleans Vessel Traffic Service, and other related topics dealing with navigation safety on the Lower Mississippi River.

The Committee expects to meet at least two times annually. It may also meet for extraordinary purposes with the approval of the Designated Federal Officer. Each member serves for a term of two years and a maximum of two consecutive terms.

The Coast Guard will consider applications for 25 positions that expire or become vacant on May 23, 2018. To be eligible, applicants should have experience regarding the transportation, equipment, and techniques that are used to ship cargo and to navigate vessels on the Lower Mississippi River and its connecting navigable waterways, including the Gulf of Mexico. The 25 positions available for application are as follows:

1. Five members representing River Port authorities between Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the Head of Passes of the Lower Mississippi River, of which one member shall be from the Port of St. Bernard and one member from the Port of Plaquemines.

2. Two members representing vessel owners domiciled in the state of Louisiana.

3. Two members representing organizations which operate harbor tugs or barge fleets in the geographical area covered by the Committee.

4. Two members representing companies which transport cargo or passengers on the navigable waterways in the geographical area covered by the Committee.

5. Three members representing State Commissioned Pilot organizations, with one member each representing the New Orleans-Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots Association, the Crescent River Port Pilots Association, and the Associated Branch Pilots Association.

6. Two at-large members who utilize water transportation facilities located in the geographical area covered by the committee.

7. Three members, each of which represents one of three categories: consumers, shippers, and importers-exporters that utilize vessels which utilize the navigable waterways covered by the committee.

8. Two members representing those licensed merchant mariners, other than pilots, who perform shipboard duties on those vessels which utilize navigable waterways covered by the committee.

9. One member representing an organization that serves in a consulting or advisory capacity to the maritime industry.

10. One member representing an environmental organization.

11. One member representing the general public.

12. One member representing the Associated Federal Pilots and Docking Masters of Louisiana.

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