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9/26/2017: Marine Safety Alert 09-17 Leaky Lifejacket Lights

The Coast Guard recently received a safety bulletin from Cruise Lines International Association that reported problems with lifejacket lights. The bulletin relates to Alcares water activated flashing lifejacket light, models Jack A1-ALK and Jack ARH-ALK (CG approval numbers 161.112/88 and 161.112/90). To date, inspections have discovered over 3,000 non-operational lights. All of the faulty lights discovered had leaky batteries (Figure 2), and some were identified as having incorrect battery expiration labels. All of the faulty lights were found to be non-operational before their expiration date. Contact Alcares for questions or concerns, including determining if non-operational lights are under warranty for a battery replacement. Alcares can be reached by phone at +45 47 19 00 00, by email at alcares@alcares.dk, or through their website.

The Coast Guard recommends that lifejackets with lights, especially those with automatic lights, be stored in temperature and humidity controlled, water-tight environments. Visual inspections and tests must be conducted in accordance with vessel carriage requirements and manufacturer manuals. Vessel owners/operators should check their lifejacket lights to verify that they are operational at the nearest opportunity.

Safety alert 09-17 was developed by the Coast Guard Office of Design and Engineering Standards. Any questions, comments, or incidences of failed lights under these or other Certificates of Approval should be sent to: Stephanie.M.Groleau@uscg.mil.

Examples of leaky batteries

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