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10/5/2017: Congratulations to first round of E-Zero certificate holders

In an effort to better recognize those companies, operators, and vessels that have earned the E-Zero designation on their QUALSHIP 21 certificate, each month Maritime Commons will publish the names of the latest vessels to earn the E-Zero designation.

The voluntary QUALSHIP 21 program is aimed at recognizing foreign ships that have demonstrated the highest commitment to maintaining strict compliance with U.S. and international safety, security and environmental regulations. The E-Zero program is a new addition to the existing QUALSHIP 21 program, and the intent of this program is to recognize those exemplary vessels that have consistently adhered to environmental compliance, while also demonstrating an immense commitment to environmental stewardship.

The Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance extends well-deserved congratulations to the first group of E-Zero designees, and encourages other vessels to pursue the same degree of commitment to a safe, secure, and environmentally sound global Marine Transportation System.

Between July 20, when the program launched, and October 5, the following vessels earned an E-Zero designation:

Graphic showing list of first group of E-Zero designees for Qualship 21

To find out if your vessel is eligible, view the QUALSHIP 21 E-Zero pamphlet, or contact the Foreign & Offshore Compliance Division at (202) 372-1251 or portstatecontrol@uscg.mil.

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