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12/11/2017: New NVIC available – Pipeline and hose testing guidance for facilities handling oil, HAZMAT

The Office of Port and Facility Compliance published Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular 06-17, “Pipeline and Hose Testing Guidance for Marine Transportation Related Facilities Handling Oil or Hazardous Material in Bulk.”

NVIC 06-17 replaces the guidance published Aug. 3, 1994, in COMDT letter 16451, and provides expanded information concerning pipeline and hose testing guidance at facilities that are capable of transferring oil or hazardous materials in bulk, to or from a vessel. This guidance is consistent with existing regulations, and it provides expanded information and recommendations for the Captain of the Port (COTP) and Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection (OCMI) to consider when evaluating the acceptability of proposed alternative test methods for jurisdictional facility pipe and hose tests and inspections.

Captains of the Port and Officers in Charge, Marine Inspection are encouraged to bring this circular to the attention of Coast Guard facility inspectors and waterfront facility owners and operators within their areas of responsibility. Existing approved alternative test methods should not be canceled simply because they are not mentioned in this NVIC. The COTP should regularly review approved alternatives for pipeline and hose testing against current guidelines and industry best practices to determine the suitability and continued acceptance of those alternatives.

For full details, read or download NVIC 06-17.

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