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1/29/2018: Area Maritime Security Advisory Committee, Eastern Great Lakes and regional sub-committee vacancies

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The Coast Guard posted a Federal Register notice requesting individuals interested in serving on the Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC), Eastern Great Lakes, and the four regional sub-committees: Northeast Ohio Region, Northwestern Pennsylvania Region, Western New York Region, and Eastern New York Region submit their applications for membership to the Federal Maritime Security Coordinator (FMSC), Buffalo. The Committee assists the FMSC, Buffalo, in developing, reviewing, and updating the Area Maritime Security Plan for their area of responsibility.

Requests for membership should reach the FMSC, Buffalo, by Feb. 28, 2018. Members of the AMSC should have at least five years of expertise related to maritime or port security operations.

Applications for membership should be submitted to the following address:

Federal Maritime Security Coordinator, Buffalo
Attention: CDR Karen Jones
1 Fuhrmann Boulevard
Buffalo, NY 14203-3189.

For questions about submitting an application, or about the AMSC in general, contact:

For the Northeast Ohio Region Sub-Committee Executive Coordinator: Mr. Peter Killmer at 216-937-0136.

For the Northwestern Pennsylvania Region Sub-Committee Executive Coordinator: Mr. Joseph Fetscher at 216-937-0126.

For the Western New York Region Sub-Committee Executive Coordinator: Mr. Shawn Larrabee at 716-843-9549.

For the Eastern New York Region Sub-Committee Executive Coordinator: Mr. Ralph Kring at 315-343-1217.

View the Federal Regsiter Notice for full details.

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